Alexander Rechberg


LASACT is a temporary, interactive Light and Sound-Installation.

Visitors are able to modify the visual appearance and sound patterns by using a web application for mobile devices. Chaotic and harmonious lines alternate while visitors are taking control of the installation – since everybody is able to take influence, chaos may erupt till people start to coordinate their interactions.
The visitor can interact in his own scope but is presented with the result of a collaboration.Inside this enclosed system self-perpetuating ideas will be estab- lished: Questions arise regarding the visitor’s own influence and significance leading to a situation where concepts and ideas are amplified reciprocative.

Nowadays brief moments of absence – induced and facilitated by the smart phone technology – are accepted even during face to face meetups. Members of today’s society escape the real world and dive into their own virtual bubbles. The LASACT installation conveys these aspects of communication, social relation and group dynamics.

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Video documentation:

Technical Rider: PDF

In collaboration with:
  • Daniel Becker
  • Michael König
  • David Murmann
  • Adrian Rennertz