Alexander Rechberg


The "Museum Kunstpalast" in Dusseldorf celebrated a "Young Night". Under the theme of "flow" various classical works have been exhibited but the concept also offered space for more recent works. In this context, a video projection was developed for the entrance of the museum.
A scale model of the doorway was lasercut out of transparent PLEXIGLAS® - the outer shape of the arch was used and extruded. This resulted in a water-tight form, which served as an experimental basin, were different materials met each other and interacted.
In the model, the windows were cut out, so the water is always flowing around them. This limitation of used space within the model, the shape of the building and to provided continuous relation to the target object. An organic and analog aproach to the usual digitally oriented projection mapping.

Video documentation:

In collaboration with:
  • Jakob Beurle
  • Matthias Schulz
  • Robert Windisch