Alexander Rechberg


ECHTZEITSTUDIEN is an interactive light and sound installation for the Joanneumsviertel in Graz. The motivation for the installation is to call attention to the yard of the Joanneum as a place of urban life. It consists of a projection onto the facade of the Neue Galerie, acoustically accentuated by an abstract sound backdrop. Visitors and passers-by interactively influence the projections and the sound. The sound and visual implementation is computer generated and based on physical and biological phenomena. The following five motifs were used: Isolines, Starling, Dynamic Cells, Force Fields, and the superordinated Resonance motif. Through direct interaction (over a webapp) and indirect interaction (triangulation of smartphones) of the visitors, the graphic patterns are composed in the projection.

© Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner

In collaboration with:
  • Daniel Becker
  • Fabian Pflaum
  • Thomas Kombüchen
  • Tim Pulver
  • Adrian Rennertz